Meeting Event


PT. Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo


Jul, 2018

Golden Tulip Holland & Resort – Batu




Annual Recognition 2018 is an annual activity of PT. Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo which aims as a form of appreciation for the work of the best employees which has been divided into several categories.

This event was held in Batu City where Golden Tulip Holland & Resort was chosen to be the place to stay as well as the venue for the Gala Dinner and Awarding which was the highlight of the event.

The concept of the program used was Western Cowboy with Tag Line For Those Playing to Win, where decoration, event, and dress code settings that they wear like a cowboy are complete with vests and hats that are their trademark.

In addition participants were also invited to visit Coban Rondo, a natural tourist spot in Batu City which presents natural beauty in the form of waterfalls, camping areas, outbound areas and also a Maze Park which is a must-visit location if you go to Coban Rondo.

Also the participants were directed to stop by the center of souvenirs to bring typical souvenirs of Batu City to relatives in their hometown. All series of events were finished all participants were escorted to their respective cities.


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