Tour Package

amazing race – stunning ubud

Minimal 10 orang


Ubud – Bali



paket tour gunung bromo

Enjoy the beauty of Ubud in a different way. This program will begin in the starting point where there is an ice breaking phase for participants. In this phase all the rules and descriptions of activities that will be carried out and dividing participants into several teams will be explained

Participants will arrive at the starting point of cycling activities around Ubud, where before doing this activity there are several games that must be completed by each team to get assessment points. In addition, the successful team will get clue / instructions as well as the mission and location / post of the destination of the cycling route that each participant will pass. There are around 4-6 posts that must be passed during the route and are 18-20 km away. Our team will be on duty in each post to help the group play games.

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