About Global Event 99


PT. Inti Global 99 is a group of young children a solid, innovative, and creative.

We play a role in the MICE, business, Event Organizer, Exhibition, Tour and Travel, and others.

Because it has the experience and creative ideas, we are here to provide the solution in a wrap up event as well as trips your company in the form of more innovative and more impressive.

You can find also our product and service that we have ever done before which can be used as a reference to meet the needs of Your company.

We look forward to Your response and hopefully we (the Global Event 99) can collaborate with Your company.

Our Clients

Bank Indonesia
metrasat telkom indonesia
Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Bank Mandiri
Badan Karantina Pertanian
Mitra Energy Batam
Amcor Specialty Cartons Indonesia
Cisco Systems Indonesia

We are supported by experienced professionals from various fields needed. For simple events to festivals and exhibitions, we can provide photographers and video production for your events.

Fearless Leaders

Currently Global Event 99 team is led by several people, as follows,

M. Syafari Hanafie

M. Syafari Hanafie

Chief Executive Officer

Aditya Erlangga

Aditya Erlangga

Chief Operation Officer

Rilla Jayanti Manda Sari

Rilla Jayanti Manda Sari

Chief Financial Officer

Fearless Team

Meet Global Event 99 team as follows,

Yulia Rahman

Yulia Rahman

M.I.C.E Head

Riesza Arisakara

Riesza Arisakara

MarComm Head


Please take your moment to learn us from our portfolio.

Amcor - leadership Building Program
Family Gathering Mandiri Area Malang
PLN - Konvensi PDKB 2019

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